we are always looking for great coffee and stories to share with our guests.

Currently serving coffees from Monogram Coffee Roaster, Hatch Coffee Roaster.

Drip, espresso based drinks and Pour over coffees are available.

Bring the toast bar concept to the neighbourhood. Using sourdough and brioche bread made by Blackbird Baking Co. topped with your flavor toppings including avocado, smoked salmon, almond butter banana, fruit and jam.

Last but not least, we use jam made by Kitten and the Bear 

We only make two desserts here: 

Chiffon cake and Madeleines.

We have made a lot of different flavors with different toppings/fillings including:

Chocolate/matcha/vanilla chiffon cakes with roasted nuts, mango, berries.

Chocolate, matcha, black sesame, red bean, vanilla with roasted nuts, berries, red bean paste, salted egg yolks.