Our Story

Hong & Pony

Our commitment to the world is that everyone feel a sense of belonging in this world. Everyone is cared and loved. 

We are making a difference in the world one cup of coffee at a time by sourcing the most delicious and ethical coffee, by providing extraordinary customer service, by providing a wonderful work space.


10 years ago, a trip to Seattle changed my life. At the time, I was simply a coffee lover who didn't know anything about coffee other than ordering cappuccino at any independent coffee shops around the world and hope to get a coffee with nice latte art.

I remember stumbled into a coffee talk and at the time an US barista champion Dismas Smith said one thing that forever changed my life. He said, in order to be a good barista, you only need two things: 1, you need to love coffee, 2 you need to love people. I remember thinking, I think I can do it.

After returned to Toronto, I started to drop off my resume at every single independent coffee shops in the city. After maybe over 100 resume sent with no reply, I finally got a YES! From there, every single day of my life is full of joy and happiness. 

In the past 10 years, I got to work at some of the best coffee shops in Toronto. I am lucky enough to be able to manage one of the best coffee school in China. I got deeply connected to coffee and its people. I can't think of any better place for me to be than surrounding myself with the smell of delicious coffee and smile of happy people. 

Now I feel ready to create my own self-expression through coffee. In Another Land, there will be delicious coffee that I selected seasonally from multi-roasters across Canada and around the world. There will be my favorite treats and foods, arts from local talented artists. Fun events, seminars, etc...all the good things that I want to share with the community. 

Another Land is a place you can call home.